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Malwarebytes is the best anti-malware software that we can use to remove malware from a computer. Malwarebytes is powerful antivirus software that has a large database. It has become popular because of its efficiency and the ability to find viruses that other malware scanners fail to detect, there are some problems with Malwarebytes. Sometimes it won’t open at all on Windows and even won’t show an error message. There are several useful ways that are pointed out by users’ experience to fix the remove malwarebytes from startup problem and get Malwarebytes working properly again.

“Disable malwarebytes startup”

• Close all the running programs
• From the desktop, click on Malwarebytes icon
• Malwarebytes dashboard will appear on the screen
• Right-click on the Malwarebytes program
• Choose Disable option
• Restart your device.

“Remove malwarebytes from startup”
• Press Windows and R keys from your keyboard
• A run dialog box will appear
• Type msconfig on the search box
• Click the Enter button
• System setup tool will appear on the screen
• Navigate to the startup option
• A list of programs will appear.
• From the list, search for Malwarebytes
• Uncheck the Malwarebytes from the list
• Click on Apply button.


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