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Did you know that over 70% of B2B consumers read between two to eight pieces of content before deciding on a product or service to buy? If your SaaS isn’t already creating content, you’re missing out on a big chunk of the pie. But simply writing more blogs, case studies, and e-books isn’t always enough.

What are the Benefits of SaaS Content Marketing?

Attract, educate, and convert customers

A piece of content on your site might be the first impression you have to impress a potential customer. If it’s a good fit, your content is marketing your SaaS for you.

Grow brand and thought leadership

Growing B2B SaaS companies is our specialty. We apply proven growth methods that help you expand your market share and boost your sales while keeping acquisition costs in check.

Improve customer experience through educational content

Get noticed by the right audiences with highly targeted SaaS campaigns. Drive awareness to your brand and differentiate your SaaS in crowded markets to win over prospects.

Create connections with compelling content

SaaS content marketing is a form of storytelling that offers insight and education about your products and services.

Start by addressing your “why”. 

Educate your audience with insightful content on a continual basis and start earning their trust.

Build authority and trust by publishing authentic content on a regular basis.

SaaS Content Marketing FAQs

Successful content marketing relies heavily on quality content that is actually desired by your audience, promotes trust in your brand or business and inspires sharing by users.

SaaS content marketing is a powerful tool in almost every aspect of the customer lifecycle.

SaaS content marketing  best practices ensure your content should:

  1. Attract, educate, and convert customers
  2. Grow brand and thought leadership
  3. Improve customer experience through educational content

Building a Content Marketing road map is an absolute must for B2B SaaS companies seeking high growth. By consistently creating content that informs your reader about an issue they’re facing (aka “pain point”), you can connect with their pain.

By offering your wisdom and insight, you guide them to a potential solution (in a non-salesy way), and establish credibility where they welcome more insight from you. The result? You will earn their trust, build more relationships, create loyalty (and close more deals).

Your approach at the top of the funnel, or the ‘awareness’ stage has to ensure you cut through the noise and establish your authority. And there’s nothing that does that better than your potential customers finding you through organic search results.

To help prospects move through the funnel, you will need to build a relationship with them by offering them enticing offers each step of the way. People aren’t going to buy something unless they believe it has immense practical value. Your content needs to offer the same thing. Users filter out as they move down the funnel and your content must become more granular, too.

Think about investing in a case study that showcases how your product helped an actual client achieve better business productivity. Or a webinar that aims to address specific questions your potential customers might have.

The key objective at the decision and action stage is to highlight your product and why it’s different, and better, than the competition.

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