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S5 industrial sweeper, road cleaning machine
S5 provides a more comprehensive cleaning function, especially suitable for stadiums, hospitals, large supermarkets, workshops, residential areas, stations, airports, terminals, etc., which are relatively flat and have small area, but have strict requirements on emissions and noise. Go forward and backward.
Product specification
Specification for S5
Sweeping widthmm1550
The maximum speedkm/h12
Climbing capacity%25
Working speedKm2/h0-6.5
Turning radiusmm1300
Driving MotorKW1.5
Work power MotorW2380
Dustbin capacityL220
Continuous working timeh4-5
The shape size(L*W*H)mm1930*1450*1450
The battery voltageV48
Length of main brushmm700
The side brush diametermm500
Vacuum filter areamm8.6
Mox working speedkm/h0-7
Mox running speedkm/h12
Vehicle qualitykg590
Main Features
1. The front-mounted adjustable leather driving seat enhances driving comfort.
2. The gear-driven directional system increases cornering flexibility, reduces corners and facilitates operation.
The 3.1550mm working surface greatly improves work efficiency and shortens working time. Effectively reduce the labor intensity of the operator.
4. The patented electric rear axle is equipped with a differential system for the vehicle to enhance the stability and operability of the ride.
5. Solid tires increase the visibility of the vehicle and ensure the safety of the driver.
6.100Ah's ultra-large capacity battery pack can increase working time and reduce the cost of use more effectively.
7. The patented adjustable damping system reduces the bumpiness of the vehicle and extends the service life of each system.
8. The hydraulic brake system is adopted to effectively ensure the braking distance and improve the safety of the driver.
9. The bristles of the new materials increase the wear resistance, reduce the cost of use and increase the service life.
10. The counterweight roller brushing system can adapt to the cleaning of various convex and concave road surfaces.
11. An advanced disc brushing system designed and manufactured independently to clean different particles to ensure efficient collection.
12. The push rod motor unit can raise the body by 5 cm, effectively preventing the bristles from being worn and deformed when not working.
1.Shipping Method and Time
We will make the delivery of your order within 7 days after payment by sea.1.Shipping Method and Time
2.How you can guarantee your quality?
(1) We are Gold Plus Supplier on Alibaba, and we have BV certification.
(2)We have 24 hours’ online service to solve your problem.
(3)We provide 1 years’ guarantee for main parts: plastic tank, metal chassis, brush motor.
3.What is the payment way accept?
4.I am a small wholesaler, if I can place a small order?
Yes. Of course. We have enough stock for small order. The OEM small order also accept
5.How I can contact you?
Mob:+86-18013551660 Ride On Floor Sweeper suppliers

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