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Ivan Vagner of Roscosmos has been orbiting Earth on the International Space Station for months now. He's shared tons of photos of Earth landmarks through social media, and it seems he would like to do some rethinking.Vagner posted a space photography lesson on and on Wednesday. "Occasionally, I see comments saying that the photos here have been taken from an aircraft, while flat-Earthers doubt that they have been taken from space," .

Ocassionally, I see comments saying that the photos here have been taken from an aircraft, while flat-earther doubt that they have been taken from space. As far back as the beginning of my flight, I wrote that I take photos using a 1600mm lens, that's why the objects look so big. — Ivan Vagner (@ivan_mks63)

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"As far back as the beginning of my flight, I wrote that I take photos using a 1600 mm lens, that's why the objects look so big," Vagner wrote. our planet is shaped more like a pancake and not a sphere, which doesn't sit well with the idea that the ISS is up in space and зеркала Меги traveling around our globe. That's why flat-Earthers suggest the lovingly detailed photos Vagner shares are taken from an aircraft and passed off as being from space.Vagner expanded on the concept of focal length through a showing three views of Angel Falls in Venezuela. The scenic waterfall has been a much-sought-after target for the cosmonaut, who got lucky with the cloud cover and managed to capture it. 

on Sep 16, 2020 at 7:46am PDT

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The images were snapped at 80 mm, 500 mm and 1600 mm focal lengths, which gives a progression of increasingly closer views until Angel Falls takes center stage through the ****** of zoom. "Hope there will be no more questions," Vagner wrote on Instagram.Vagner's lens lesson may not change anyone's mind, but it's a solid reminder of the fantastic photography equipment the cosmonauts and astronauts have available on the ISS. It gives all of us down here on Earth a different and valuable perspective on our round world.Meanwhile, NASA is celebrating 20 years aboard the ISS. photos taken during nearly two decades of crewed orbit. 

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