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There are plenty of payment apps in the US. And among many one is Cash App by Square. There are two main features which helped Cash App to secure a top place among the best payment apps available in the US. These two main features are Cash App card and Cash App direct deposit. If the truth to be told, convenient and customer-oriented Cash App refund policy has also been a larger contributing factor to add wings to the popularity of Cash App. So, to help you understand the bright sides of the Cash App card and direct deposit, I am going to put forward some facts that deserve your attention.

What is a Cash App cash card?

Cash App by Square is more than just a payment app. This smart money transfer app comes with many unique features that keep it one step ahead of its competitors. More specifically, the Cash App cash card is one among many best features that people ****** to use. You can think of the cash card as a debit card service with the help of which you can make instant payment at shopping malls, gas stations, and use it almost anywhere where a debit card is acceptable as a payment method.

How is the Cash App card different from any bank debit card? Some of you might have this question in mind. Good question by the way! Here is the answer to your question. Be informed that in many terms Cash App card is quite different from the traditional bank's debit card. For example, almost all the banks in the US charge yearly fees for offering debit card services. But, this is not the case with Cash App cards. Yes, Cash App offers its users free debit card services. Also, it is free to order, set up, manage, and use.

Moreover, with the help of Cash App card, you can become eligible for Cash App direct deposit service. You might surprise but the fact is Cash App also offers direct deposit service. We will discuss it further in this post. First, let's learn how to activate a Cash App card.

How to activate Cash App card?

As we are talking about Cash App cards, it is important to mention that users can't use cash cards without activating them. This means, Square Cash App sends inactive cash cards to the users due to security related concerns. Gladly, the process to activate a Cash App card is quite simple and straightforward. The fact is, there is more than one way to activate a Cash App card. With that being said, I mean, there are two ways to activate a Cash App Visa Debit card. One is an automatic way which involves scanning a QR code. And the second method is a manual way which involves using the card details such as card number, expiry date, and code. So, to help you understand these two ways I am going to put forward these two methods right below here:

Activate Cash App card by scanning a QR code:

. Open Cash App application on your phone.
. Tap the card shaped icon available at the bottom side of the screen.
. Now from the drop down menu, select activate Cash App card.
. Then, select the "Scan QR" code tab.
. Now Cash App might ask you to get access to your phone's camera.
. Allow Cash App to access your phone's camera so it can scan the QR code.
. Now check out the envelope and thanksgiving letter that came with your Cash App card to find your exclusive QR code.
. Finally, scan your QR code to activate your Cash App Visa Debit card.
. In just a few seconds, your brand new Cash App Visa Debit card will come alive.

Activate Cash App card with CVV instead

You can try this method to activate your Cash App cash card, if you can’t activate your cash card by QR scanning method. Surprisingly, this method is equally simple and pretty short. So, as the name suggests, in this method of activation, all you have to do is just using the card details as mentioned on your card such as card number, expiry date, and CVV code in a systematic way as I have mentioned below:

. Launch Cash App application on your phone.
. Press the card shaped icon available on the home screen.
. Now select activate Cash App card.
. Further, select use CVV instead.
. Right here opens up a screen where you need to enter details of your cash card such as card number, expiry date, and CVV code.
. Enter all the required details step by step. Make sure you enter all the details correctly.
. Once you enter all the information, check once for any possible error, if everything looks fine then tap "Activate Cash App Card".

What is a Cash App direct deposit?

As you have learned how to activate Cash App card, now it is time to move a one step ahead. You will be glad to know that you can do more with your Cash App account, beyond just using a Cash App card and making fast payment. Let me explain. As being a proud Cash App card holder, you can enjoy the direct deposit service of Cash App. If you don't know, be informed that Cash App direct deposit, as the name indicates, is a direct way to get salary from your company or employer. Also, you can use your Cash App account to receive a broad range of regular or one time payment releases by many federal agencies such as tax refund and stimulus checks from IRS, Government, and many other financial institutions.

Now the question is why just Cash App direct deposit? Be all ears as I am going to tell you what makes Cash App direct deposit better than its competitors. First thing first, Cash App direct deposit is a free service. Yes, Cash App does not charge any fee for getting paid through Cash App direct deposit. It is totally free from all kinds of monthly, quarterly, and yearly charges. The next benefit is related to the limit. You will be glad to know that Cash App direct deposit service comes with no monthly limit. It means you can receive unlimited amounts or salary directly into your Cash App wallet and spend as you wish. However, Cash App does not allow you to receive more than $10,000 in one day. Last but not the least, Cash App direct deposit service is a fully automatic service. Once you enable it, payments are automatically processed without letting you move a finger.

How to enable Cash App direct deposit?

These are the steps to follow to enable Cash App direct deposit on your phone if you are a verified Cash App user.

. First step is to open a Cash App application on your phone.
. Now tap the "My Cash" tab.
. Then, select deposit and transfers.
. Scroll down to find and select "Enable Cash App Direct Deposit".
. Tick the check box to accept the terms of Cash App direct deposit.
. Now tap the get account number.
. On the next screen you will find a Cash App routing number as well as bank account number.
. Further, tap the "Get Cash App Direct Deposit" form.


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