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50Hz power transformer 8000kva active part is small and light, can adopt column hanging type, easy to install and reduce the material cost of the platform area, can go deep into the load center to the maximum extent, shorten the supply radius of low-voltage network, reduce the loss.
Product Introduction:
1)Only then has the new insulation structure, the anti - short circuit ability is strong.
2)The heat dissipation element USES the corrugated sheet or the sheet radiator and so on component.
3)The product has the characteristic of high efficiency and low loss.
Products Specification
Rated Capacity
(kVA)High Voltage
(kV)H.V Tap Range
(%)Low Voltage
(kV)Vector GroupShort-circuit Impedance
(%)No-load Loss
(kW)On-load Loss
(kW)No-load Current
Product feature and application
Product qualification
With a professional R & D team, experienced workers, modernized working plant and equipment, the high quality product鈥檚 designing and manufacturing can be guaranteed well.
Deliver-shipping and serving
Delivery timeNormally, if with MR or ABB tap changer, the max. Deliver time about 120 days after technical drawings confirmed, if with Chinese brand tap changer, max. 90 days for any capacity and voltage range transformer.
PackingThe transformer main body usually in nude, and the accessories are packed in plywood case with steel structure, it鈥檚 worthy for ocean transportation.
TransportationUsually, the total weight under 45 tons, it鈥檚 available by kinds of container, above 45 tons, it鈥檚 available by bulk ship.
After serviceUsually, we will dispatch experienced technicians to client鈥檚 installation site for the supervision service within 15 working days after getting official information.
1. What are the advantages of dry transformers?
Good fire performance, no flammable resin, no toxic gas, not easy to spontaneous combustion characteristics.
2. Whether the tap switch can be adjusted ?
Some rural electricians arbitrarily adjust the tap switch and do not carry out relevant tests, resulting in the tap switch is not in place, causing the phase short circuit and burn out the distribution transformer.So it is not suitable to adjust tap switch privately.
3. How to choose the installation site of distribution transformer reasonably?
Distribution transformer installation is to meet the requirements of the user voltage, and try to avoid the distribution transformer installed in the wild mountains, prone to lightning attacks and away from residential areas, so it is not easy to operate personnel regular maintenance, not easy to staff management.
Latest News
The differential voltage transformer is used to measure the liquid level, density and pressure of liquid, gas and steam, and then convert it into the current signal output of 4-20 mA DC. It is widely used in a variety of industries.China Distribution Transformer manufacturers

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