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The number of patients who need access to medical marijuana has grown tremendously since the legalization of medical marijuana in Pennsylvania. If you are a patient and you are not sure how to access medical marijuana legally, this post will explain to you all the steps needed to get a Pa medical marijuana card. Read on for more information.
As a Pennsylvanian, there are several requirements that you need to meet before accessing medical marijuana legally. Below are those requirements.
Do you need a medical marijuana card to help you cope with a debilitating disorder or illness in Pennsylvania? Keep on reading this article to learn more about a PA medical marijuana card.
Requirements necessary for obtaining a PA medical marijuana card in Pennsylvania
The patient must be at least 18 years, and if not, he or she should have a caregiver to apply on his or her behalf. Caregivers are also there to help those who are incapacitated to obtain medical marijuana cards and their renewal.
Another requirement that the patient needs to meet is being a Pennsylvanian with valid credentials or documents to act as proof. This can either be utility bills, identification cards that are issued by the state, or having a driver's license that was issued in Pennsylvania. The driver's license and utility bills are necessary to provide proof of address and residence.
The patient also needs to have proper diagnostic information from a state-licensed doctor. The diagnosis should show that the patient is suffering from any chronic or debilitating disease that is regarded as qualifying in the state of Pennsylvania.
The Application Process
Register with the State
To obtain a medical marijuana card in Pennsylvania, the first thing that you need to do is create a profile. You can accomplish this online by going to the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program Registry website. These are the documents needed:
State-issued ID card
Valid Pennsylvania driver's license
Change of Address car if needed
Once this is confirmed, you will need to come up with a username or a password. A screen will display your patient's ID number and other personal details.
Consult an Approved Pennsylvania Physician
Once you are accomplished with the registration process as a patient, you will have to book an appointment with a state-registered doctor who will diagnose and confirm that you have a debilitating medical condition.
Get Your Card
After all the steps are followed carefully, you will receive your card. You can use this card to purchase medical marijuana in any medical marijuana dispensary.
As a medical marijuana patient, you need the right medication to help you manage the symptoms and effects of qualifying medical conditions. If you are not 18 years and above, you can still access medical marijuana, but through a caregiver who will obtain a Pa medical marijuana card for you. You will need to continue your medical marijuana card every year once it expires. The card renewal fee is about $5. A state-licensed physician will confirm your diagnosis first before approval.


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