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How many of you remember that high pitched ringing or buzzing in your ears as you left the concert, Synapse XT dance or loud club gig? Unless you live under a rock I know you've experienced it. For the vast majority of people this is simply a temporary sensation that wears off in a few short hours or less. But for many people, especially musicians and those with prolonged exposure to loud noises, this can be a permanent and painful ordeal. I know, because I have it. It's called "Synapse XT." And like me, it already affects an estimated 15% of the population, with the numbers growing at an alarming rate.

I surfed the internet like a pro looking for answers, possibly some Synapse XT treatment online instead of a surgery or lab and found a lot of gratuitous advice and misleading nonsense, some of which cost quite a bit. But I kept bumping into this particular website that talked about providing a Synapse XT miracle. At first I dismissed it as a load of hype, but then I kept seeing testimonials by others who had been helped and actually been freed of their Synapse XT symptoms. Eventually, I bought the book and did what it said to do.

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