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As more people become aware of the health advantages of eating fish and other aquatic creatures, the number of people choosing seafood in the United States is increasing. As the most famous seafood restaurant NYC restaurants describe, they have been seeing a rise in the number of people demanding a particular fish species. Have you ever wondered what iconic seafood dishes top America's favorite list when it comes to seafood? To learn more, read the following points:

Shrimp: The good old shrimp tops the list as the favorite seafood of Americans. You can eat shrimp in a variety of ways including boiled, baked, and fried. They make an amazing part of any meal whether be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Their meaty taste and mild flavor account for them being a public favorite.
Tuna: Tuna makes a great component of American meals. This fish is world famous because of its availability. They make a part of Asian recipes like sushi and are used widely in South Asia and Europe as well. The best way to eat them is grilled and combined with a variety of bread like burgers and sandwiches.
Salmon: Grilled and baked salmon is enjoyed with a variety of flavors in America. Smoked salmon is also a very popular variety. Salmon offers better flavor and a richer meaty taste when compared to Tuna.
Crabs: Crabs can be combined with a variety of meals. They provide an essential change of taste for fish eaters and form a range of unique recipes. They are a great source of vitamin C and types of B.
Tilapia: Known for being an excellent source of vitamin D, protein, and minerals, this fish is also popular seafood in America. It’s mostly used in wraps or is used as an alternative for chicken in some places.
If you are craving some seafood in NY, there is no better place to go other than Lamia’s Fish Market. They are a specialist seafood restaurant that provides a variety of seafood recipes along with Lamia’s special drinks. They also have a wide range of beer and cocktails at fish bar NYC that makes a unique combination with their chef’s special seafood meal. They provide an online reservation facility for their customers and a description of their menu and other services on their website.

About Lamia’s Fish Market:

Lamia’s Fish Market is the best place to go if you are looking for a seafood restaurant New York.

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