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The importance of a dinnerware set for your home

    Dinnerware or tableware is hardly ever used and yet, it is an important aspect of our culture. Chinese New Year, Christmas, Birthdays, just to name a few. The importance of celebratory meals has been deeply ingrained into us and a good Dinner Set can aid in elevating the experience of a meal. If there was a question about the importance of a dinnerware set, try breaking one of those beautifully patterned dinner ceramic plates that your mom probably has. You know, the one she brings out only on special occasions. Her reaction will tell you more than you probably need to know about its importance.

    A White Plain Dinner Set goes way past creating a better dining experience, but it also makes your food taste better. Weird, you might say. But try having a steak on a paper plate vs. a beautiful glazed ceramic pearled edge dinner plate. Perhaps you’ll find that there is no difference in taste, but did it feel better eating on a beautiful dinner plate? With hordes of culinary experts saying that presentation Color Glazed Dinner Sets the standard of a meal, why not give it a try? You might find that eating at home can be as much of an enjoyable experience as dining in a restaurant.

    How to care for your dinner set

    Firstly, dropping your $26 correlle plate is probably a bad idea. You’ll have a mess to clean up and you won’t have pretty White Plain Plates anymore for your food. If you do drop it, there’s really nothing we can do unless you somehow manage to stick it back together and have it looking like the day you bought it. Well, then kudos to you! What we can do is offer you a discount code to use on your next purchase.

    All jokes aside, here are some tips to make sure your dinnerware looks as good as the day you bought it.

    If using a dishwasher, check if your dinnerware is dishwasher friendly

    If soft metals (gold, silver, etc) are a part of the design, lay a towel on the bottom of your sink, this will prevent scratching when the accidental bump or clang occurs. Also, wash with a soft sponge, abrasive sponges may scratch or even take off some material when you’re scrubbing.

    As a side note, should you find yourself purchasing melamine dinnerware, fading over time is normal and is no reason for alarm. A good washing detergent with a low PH value can slow down this process, but know that fading is inevitable.


    Is porcelain or ceramic better for dishes?

    Both are very durable materials that make for good dishes. The methods of preparation and firing procedures are very different. As a result, these materials will be able to hold certain designs better than the other. In general, porcelain is able to incorporate and retain, thin, translucent designs while ceramic is incapable of doing this.

    What is the best color for dinner plates?

    Go for a color you like that also suits your theme. If you’re not the type to spend hours looking for the perfect Color Glazed Dinner Set, we recommend white plates as they are the most versatile. Also, check out our article on Feng Shui if you believe in it and need some help choosing.

    Are round or square plates better?

    Traditionally, they serve different functions in a Hand Painted Dinner Set. Round plates are usually used for main dishes and square plates are used when serving roasted delights because of the cuts of meat. For those chasing good vibes, or the believers of Feng Shui, check out our article to find out how the shape of your Plates & Dishes can affect the mood and ambiance at the dining table.

    Can you recommend a durable ceramic dinner set?

    Of course, we can! If durability is your goal, you can not go wrong with Pad Printing Plates made out of bone china. Its animal bone and porcelain construction produce a material that is light and thin, yet, extremely durable. This is not to say that you can drop it and assume that it will not break. If you do decide to test it out for yourself, please send us videos or pictures.


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