The number of truck accidents in the New York City have increased in the recent years. More trucks on the New York state highways have increased the amount of fatal and serious accidents. The size and the weight of big rigs such as garbage trucks, tractor trailer and box trucks have higher risk as it leads to high amount of injuries for the driver of smaller vehicle.
Common reason why truck accidents happen

There are numerous reasons why the truck accidents happen. The most common reasons are:

  1. Speeding
  2.  Driving too fast for road condition
  3. Inattentive to traffic ahead
  4. Following too closely
  5. Distracted by looking for directions
  6. Talking on a phone
  7. Dangerously fatigued

When you need accidents attorney in NYC?

Garbage Truck Accident Attorneys

One of the common truck accidents that happen in the streets of the NYC are the garbage truck accidents. There are 3000 garbage trucks in the NYC sanitation department fleet and hundred of drivers working 24 hours a day. The long shifts of the workers means that there would be times when the drivers get careless and negligent leading to the accidents. The victims of garbage truck accidents, need the Garbage truck accident attorneys to get justice for the wrong done to them.
Tractor Trailer Accidents Attorney

The 18 wheelers are huge vehicles. They are also extremely scary vehicles to drive next to. The loss of property and life from an accident with tractor trailer is catastrophic. The recent figure of the tractor trailer accident is 12 percent of all accidents happening in the New York City. This makes the Tractor trailer accidents attorney in NYC extremely crucial. It is only the attorneys who can help a victim of tractor trailer get compensation and justice.

 Box Truck Accident Attorney

Box trucks or the delivery trucks are seen everyday on the streets of New York. Weighing about 12,000 to 30,000 pounds and often have huge and heavy cargo in the back. The victims of box truck accidents need experienced box truck accident attorney in NYC as these trucks are owned by the big corporations with huge legal department.

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