spider-vein-treatment-new-york Varicose veins are large, swollen twisted blood vessels that usually develop in legs and can be seen through the skin. Spider veins are smaller, bluish, reddish or purple twisted blood vessels generally found on legs and face. They are easily visible through the skin.

Causes of Varicose and Spider Veins

There are many reasons that makes people prone to varicose and spider veins-

1. Heredity

2. Obesity

3. Hormonal imbalance like puberty, menopause and pregnancy

4. Use of birth control pills

5. Blood clots

6. Occupations that involve long standing hours like teachers, hair stylists and factory workers

7. Other reasons can be like injury or trauma to skin

Symptoms of varicose and spider veins

Varicose and spider veins occur more in women in comparison to men. Their frequency increases with age. Approximately 30% to 60% adults suffer from spider veins. Some of the common symptoms of varicose and spider veins include-

  • · Aching and cramping in legs · Tiredness
  • · Burning, tingling and heaviness in the legs
  • · Swelling or ulcers in legs
  • · Some may feel pain from spider veins, while others may not
  • · Darkening of skin especially near ankle can be more commonly found in women

Varicose and Spider Veins Treatment

If you have large varicose veins, you’ll need to see a specialist. They treat the large veins by threading a catheter with a laser on the tip of the vein. When catheter is taken out, it heats the inside of the vein causing it to crumple. The procedure is carried out with the help of ultrasound to analyze the problem with the deeper veins.

The smaller veins, also called spider veins can be treated with sclerotherapy. In sclerotherapy, a gentle solution is injected into blood vessels via acupuncture-sized needles. This results in shrinking of veins, leading them to gradually disappear. The same effect can be carried out using the laser treatment. Either of the spider veins treatment need one to three sessions.

Varicose and spider veins treatment in today’s time is quite advanced. There is no cutting or scars and it needs minimal recovery. To find out whether you are the right candidate for varicose and spider veins treatment or not, call Dr. Ariel Ostad. To book an appointment call: 212-579-7900.