Upon the walls of Ramy Issac’s firm there is there hangs the paintings that were completed by the architect himself. Art has always had an impact in Ramy Issac’s upbringing, growing up in Tzfat in Israel a small town located in the mountains above the Tiberias known as the “artist colony” he was surrounded by the artwork of many of the artists in the area, many who went on to be recognized globally for their work. Issac had spent most of his teenage years as an artist, dedicating hours to painting, he even found time to paint while he was enlisted in the Israeli Army.

Art has always been a constant inspiration to Issac, after his service in the army his continued passion for art led him to Technion in Haifa to study architecture, which inspired him to continue studying art and architecture, he wanted to continue pursuing his dreams of creating, designing, and bringing to life the creations he sketched and painted. When Issac turned 27 he made the choice to immigrate to New York City, and enroll in the Pratt Institute to complete his master’s degree, it was in the United States that Issac saw his ideas, his designs, all come to life.

It was in 1988 when he established his own firm. At Issac & Stern he began to receive assignments and contracts for new buildings, his building designs were used to create a wide variety of commercial and residential properties. He had his hand in designing synagogues, churches, restaurants, multi community facilities, and completed and worked on multiple developments all throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. Issac and his team have completed hundreds of projects, and he takes immense pride in knowing that their buildings are known for their stunning designs, and incorporating efficient layouts to maximize a buildings usage, and that he has developed a dynamic architectural firm that can turn a project around quickly and all for an affordable cost for his clients.

Ramy Issac’s journey to the United States, turned his dream into a reality. In New York City he is proud of the work he has done, and even with the success of his business he has never forgotten his journey to where he ended up. In his free time he still enjoys picking up a brush and painting, creating art is still a fundamental tool for all of his success and he continues to keep the flame for his creativity burning bright each time he takes a brush to canvas.