Ramy Issac

For those who have been to Green point, they know that the streets and blocks of this place lack architectural elements and barely hold any historic value. The streets of Green point are plain and dull due to which the application process that has to go through a proper approval process has become the focal point of discussion. To make matters worse, the town has to deal with a lot of strict government rules and regulations.

Because of this reason, the need for updating the town had become a necessity. Ramy Issac, a notable architect was assigned this project of updating Design for 308 North 7th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The project focuses on improving the industrial as well as commercial structures installed in Green point.

In February 2017, a preliminary design was crafted by the YIMBY and released. The professional architects at Issac & Stern took the responsibility of recreating the exteriors and work on the interiors as well. Earlier the town had a contemporary touch to it which was revamped by the conceptual planning of Ramy Issac and his expert team.

Elements such as ceiling casements that extend till the floor and metallic windows was added to the buildings to provide them a modern look. The buildings also have attractive balconies and a sprawling 42,000 sq. ft of residential accommodation.