From jobseekers to businessmen, families and those you want to pursue a career in the fashion industry, the United States has been serving all foreign nationals well. So, whether you’re looking for an entry to the United States through business immigration, family immigration or work visa, make sure you learn about the requirements and eligibility criteria before applying. For this reason, it is always advisable to hire the best and experienced immigration lawyer to assist you throughout the visa process.

If you’re also considering to migrate to the world’s fashion and IT hub, the United States, here are the popular immigration visas you can consider to gain an entry with.

Business immigration - Well, business immigration is basically designed for investors, entrepreneurs, and business owners. However, to be qualified for an immigration to the United States through an investment-based, you need to invest around $1,000,000USD or $500,000USD into an American market and this investment should be able to create 10 employment for the citizen of the USA. The following are some of the business immigration visas.

  1. B-1 visa for business visitors
  2. E1/E2 visa for investor
  3. H-1 employment based immigration 
  4. L-1 visa for Intra-company transferees

Family immigration - Family immigration visa allows family members to live with a relative who is either a citizen of the US or a lawful permanent resident. The family members can also work permanently in the United States. However, the family immigration visa is usually categorized into two groups, such as:

Immediate relative immigrant visa -  Only immediate relatives of the US citizen or permanent resident can apply for this type of immigration visa. This includes spouse, unmarried children, parents of the citizen, an orphan adopted abroad by a citizen, and orphan to be adopted in the United States.
Family preference immigrant visa - This type of visa includes only specific, more distant relatives of the US citizen or permanent resident. Here are the types of family preference immigrant visas.

  1. F1 - family first preference - Unmarried children of the citizen and their children
  2. F2 - family second preference - Spouse, minor children and unmarried children
  3. F3 - family third preference - Married children of the US citizen
  4. F4 - family fourth preference - Brother and sisters of the US citizen.

Work immigration visa - The USCIS issue work visa or O visa to people who have extraordinary abilities in the fields, such as education, business, science, arts, and sports and have gained national or international recognition for their achievements in their fields.

If you're one of the talented individuals like musicians, entertainers, singers, artists, models, agents, sports-person, scientists, and researchers, then you make an eligible candidate to apply for an O-1 visa. On the contrary, for assistants to people with extraordinary ability, O-2 visa can be issued.

The Bottom Line

These are some of the examples of US immigration visas that you can consider. In case, your situation doesn’t fit into any of these immigration visas, you can consult an immigration attorney and learn about your best interest.