According to Kermit Highfield, food labels can be highly misleading. Foods that are labeled as healthy might not really be healthy. They might contain sugars, artificial flavors, and colors to attract buyers. Out of the other people in the world, athletes and diabetics are among those kinds of people, who are always checking the food ingredients before they buy a packaged food because of their health and performance concerns.

Kermit Highfield tells how athletes and diabetics can pick the right kind of foods for their health.

• Amount of Sugar

These days, the companies have become really clever in hiding the amount of sugar their food products contain. They may advertise “no sugar” but when you check their ingredients, you will see that there is sugar in different forms. Remember, you won’t only find sugar under the name “sugar”, but “malt” and “syrup” are also synonymous with sugar. When checking the products, always make sure that you check all these before buying them.

• Labeled Healthy

You might come across packaged products that claim to be “healthy”, “low carb”, “low fat”, “diet”, or “nutritious”. But how many of them actually are! It is the form of advertising that the companies make use of to attract health conscious buyers. By reducing the fat content, they increase the sugar content. And when they say “no sugar”, there will be artificial sweeteners that can be even more dangerous than sugar itself.

• Fats Contained

When someone wants to invest in healthy food, sugar and fats are the most common things that we tend to check and avoid. Manufacturers know this and they tend to hide it under other names. Out of the different ingredients, Trans fats are the most important ingredients that you should avoid when making a purchase. You must always check the synonymous words that the manufacturer might be using to sell their products.

For anyone who wishes to make the most of the foods they eat, it is important they check the ingredients properly so that they don’t eat something that they shouldn’t. Kermit Highfield recommends considering the ingredients before you invest your money.