Sports drinks in Louisville KY have gained popularity among various consumer groups. Although some people choose sports drinks solely for the flavor, there is more to sports drinks than meets the eye. Mr. Kermit Highfield, who is involved in the food business and packaging industry, believes that consumers must be aware of conditions where intake of sports drinks is beneficial.

What does a sports drink contain?

Sports drinks contain water, carbohydrates, and minerals in a well-balanced proportion. The primary purpose of these liquids is to hydrate the body during heavy exercise or similar activities. Scientists note that sports drinks should be isotonic which means that the minerals and carbohydrates should be present in a concentration similar to that of the human body. High sugar and high salt sports drinks are usually not a good option for hydration.

Who should consume sports drinks?

As a general rule, sports drinks are recommended for athletes or people who perform strenuous activities continuously for 45 minutes or more. It is possible that some people have an active lifestyle, although it might not be considered arduous enough for using sports drinks. For such activities, drinking water is a better option. There are not many studies reporting the consumption of sports drinks among children. The regular activities by children do not require replenishing the loss of water and minerals through sports drinks.


There is no doubt regarding the benefits of sports drinks when it comes to prolonged continuous physical activities. Consumption of balanced carbohydrates and electrolytes may improve performance by reducing fatigue. As per Mr. Kermit Highfield Louisville KY, consumers must fully understand the type of activities in their daily lives and suitability of sports drinks for the same.