Nothing scares a franchise owner more than the thought: What if people don’t know whether your franchise business exists or not? (Jim Laganke Says) Of course, your customers might have heard the name of your franchise. After all, you’re dealing with a well established franchise business. But there is a possibility that customers might not know that you’ve opened an outlet in their neighborhood. Wondering, how is that possible?

According to Jim Laganke, the owner of Stewart’s All Americans, this happens due to insufficient advertising or probably you don’t have a right franchise marketing plan. Often, franchise owners make mistakes in their marketing plan, which result in fewer customers and eventually less business turnover.

Whether you already own a franchise business or planning to buy a franchise business in the future, here’s what you need to know about common franchise marketing mistakes.

Not engaged in social media - Well, having a social media profile is different from being engaged with them. This means if your business has a profile on the social media, you can’t say you’re using social media as a marketing tool. Today, social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn offer great opportunities for entrepreneurs to reach out more potential customers and increase their business sales. If you’re not engaging in social media, you’re missing out on a lot of potential customers.

You fail to pay attention to your buyers’ wants and needs - A good businessman always listen to their buyers. Today’s customers want to be heard when it comes to their needs and wants. If you fail to pay attention to them, you’ll miss the mark in marketing strategies.

You’re not investing enough - In the world of marketing, there are a few leading channels that promote businesses. If you’re not focusing on these channels to promote your products and services, you may lose a lot of great opportunities.

In conclusion

With the increasing competition in the franchise industry, marketing ones business can become difficult and overwhelming. But by understanding your customer's needs and wants, and harnessing the available tools, you can expect your business to grow at an exponential rate, says Jim Laganke.