Sitting in the moonlight, thinking about one another, still confused whether he/she is the one or not.

Please wait a sec. Let us fast forward this blog and land in an era where relationships start online and

make it easier for everyone to date. Yes, the time has gone long, in which our fellow friends,

neighbors, and sometimes family also acted as one of the fellow cupid bringing the couples a lifetime

of togetherness. Harvard has conducted a study that depicts the happiness of having social and pure

connections; surprisingly, mobile applications are ready to do every bit for it.

For maintaining the life chakras to maintain the financial stocks, there is an app for everything. Over

here, we will talk about a tinder like dating app development and how beneficial it could be to create one. Let us right

swipe this guide!

Before getting started, we are offering you some insight on the ongoing dating app statistic -

Dating App Statistic

As we just mentioned above, modern technologies are completely changing and upgrading the dating

methodologies of people, and dating someone without any marriage is no longer stated as a taboo.

let us have a look at the updated stats of dating applications-

● Nowadays, there is around 27 percentile of committed relationships on the internet or via a

dating application.

● An approx of 40 million people operate dating applications and web panels all over the world.

● There has been an estimate of $2 billion in total depicting the annual revenue of all the dating


● The complete worth of the dating platform is estimated at around $1.6 billion.

By looking at the above-mentioned numbers, we can make an estimate that the dating application

market is growing, and so is the demand of all the customers. Therefore, if you are someone looking

to make a dating app, then it is the right moment to hit the accelerator button and build a Tinder clone


Moving forward, let us look towards the features one should include in making a dating application.

The Main Features To Be Included In Your Online Dating App

Most of us are completely aware of the functionalities of most dating applications, and the most vital

feature that every user takes advantage of is the swiping feature. At the moment of scrolling through

someone's profile, one can seamlessly swipe right and left accordingly.

This functionality piques the interest at a higher rate, and that too in much more detail. We will be

looking at some of them more right away for your

Login Via Social Media Networks -

Users can seamlessly operate and log in via their social media profiles and can further integrate the

online dating app with the Facebook and Instagram profiles for their accounts. This type of social

interaction and authentication makes it easier for the platform to be a bit more dependable.

Geolocation -

It is not at all necessary that your soulmate itself will decide to stay 60kms away from you. Therefore,

the online dating platforms made sure to back up the application with a geolocation feature. The

user's location would be tracked down and will be further used by giving a notification after the app

user leaves the specific place. The geolocation also comes in handy when finding interest-based


Matching Algorithm-

To match the new profiles with the other profiles, the online dating app this feature aids to know the

algorithm already stored in the database to suggest the relevant matches. We will be giving you an

insight into how the algorithm of most dating apps performs.

● The application itself utilizes and sets up a score to rank people by attractiveness.

● The online dating application also includes the exact number of people swiped right or liked a

user's profile.

● The more likes or swipes a profile gets, the more the user's score is higher.

● The application also portrays the user profile and also a similar amount of likes.

● The algorithm of the dating application matches automatically from the most liked people.

The surge in the Swipes

The dating application these days has introduced the swipe surge in which the user's activity to swipe

increases up to 15X and, along with that, speeds up the user matchmaking potential by 280 percent in


Seamlessly Find The Matches -

We can see that there are a lot of people in the dating pool, and to ease down their searches, they can

seamlessly filter out the options such as interests, age, gender, and many more. Then the smart

algorithm of the online dating application makes it easier for them to match with each other's profiles.

Profile Setting -

The online dating application enables the users to set their profiles and make them more attractive

and engaging to increase their chance of getting matched.

There are many more jaw-dropping features, but we have listed down only some of them, as we got

many more things to cover. The next step is to learn how to develop a dating application.

Step By Step Guide - To Create Your Own Dating App

It is time to turn your dating application into reality, and before that, there are some stages you need

to follow -

Find Your Niche :

This is the very first stage of developing a dating application. There are many such dating apps in the

industry, and to stand out of the crowd, you need to select and plan accordingly.

Pick Out A Specific Business Model

We can look out for several business models in the market when thinking of developing an online

dating application to earn money.

Premium Business Model

You can build an online dating platform in which the users can have a basic set of features and can

upgrade to the premium one with the

advance set of features.

Choose the Right Tech Stack

After deciding on the business model and the niche of your online dating application and there is one

thing you need to prioritize, and that is to scale. Keep in check on the programming languages,

frameworks, databases, general utilities, and more.

Be Extra Picky For Your Dating App Development Team

Be sure to consider all the important parameters to find the best app development team, as there are

already so many options to spoil you with.

● The Hourly Rate

● Portfolio

● Feedback from the earlier clients

● Development Capabilities

Develop & Launch MVP

After you are done looking for the development team, you will be moving towards the discovery phase

or also known as the inception phase. This phase of the cycle comprises the project's requirements,

business goals, and the prototyping of the project.

Wrapping It Up

The idea to build an online dating app is quite profitable and is predicted as a profitable investment.

At some point, it may seem difficult to compete with big giants, but having an experienced mobile app

development team can do wonders for you and your app altogether.