Ramy Issac is an Israel-born architect who believes his interest in art has played a significant role in helping define his creative direction. Ramy Issac believes strongly in the connection between art and architecture. In fact, according to Ramy Issac, architecture is an art, and his history in art has always fueled his passion for architecture. He also feels that art and painting have profoundly influenced both his work and personal life.

Ramy Issac is similar to many artists who draw inspiration from around the surroundings. He likes to borrow ideas from art and his life around, and apply concepts that translate into beautiful yet functional buildings. Ramy Issac, who is best known for his masonry structures with floor-to-ceiling windows, blends together aesthetic appeal and functionality to provide the community the best of both worlds.

Ramy Issac’s upbringing 

While growing up, art played a major influence on Ramy Issac. He was born and brought up in Tzfat in Israel, a small town above the Tiberia in the mountains. It was popularly known as the artist colony. During his childhood, he was surrounded by many artists in the area, who became world-renowned later for their work. Ramy Issac spent most of his teenage years as an artist, spending hours on sketching and painting. He did not give up on his interest in art even when he was enlisted in the Israeli Army.

His interest in art led him to the United States where he was enrolled in the Pratt Institute to complete his master’s degree in architecture. After completing his graduate and master’s degree and gaining experience, he started his own architecture firm, Issac & Stern.  

Issac & Stern Architects are some of the most talented and experienced architects in New York City. They have worked on many significant projects and have contributed to New York City skyline as well.