Food is an important part of any event. Over the years, corporate events have changed but food especially Indian food has kept its prominent position. While the corporate meetings are always about motivating the team, setting future goals and achieving the targets, it is a great way to appreciate the team for all the hard work they have done.

The schedule of any corporate meeting is often early in the morning with attendees such as employees and even clients going through various presentations. These meetings often end up going through lunch and sometimes even dinner. In such cases, it is necessary to have properly catered food, so that the work goes on without any problem. It is extremely important to feed all the attendees so that the morale remains high along with the level of concentration.

However, there is one thing that major corporations do not understand. The quality of the food served plays a huge role in creating a lasting impression of the organization to the attendees. Thus, it is necessary to have a plan of action in place when selecting a aright catering service. A great corporate meeting food requires a reputed caterer.

Here are a few points that should be kept in mind while catering for corporate event:

Hire An Experienced Catering Company

Selection of right catering service is the most important part of the event. The details of the event need to be shared with the caters so that they can plan accordingly. In New York, Indian caterers are in trend as more and more organizations are opting for Indian food. A professional caterer works hard to create a perfect menu that will not only be loved by the attendees but will also boost the reputation of the business it self.

Selection of the right caterer also depends on the type of corporate event and the budget provided. An organization with regular events should focus on hiring a single catering company rather than opting for a new one on each event.

Know The Headcount

Another thing that needs to be shared beforehand is the number of the attendees. While sharing the details of the events with the selected caterer, it is important to give a rough headcount. It is not necessary that the headcount needs to be exact but should be nearer to the number of people attending the event. Along with the headcount, budget should also be given to the caterer. This ensures that minimum amount of food gets wasted.

Schedules And Time Table

For corporate caterers, timing and schedule is everything, especially if it is the Indian caterers who are selected. With proper schedule, snack and cocktail service can be provided timely during the meetings and presentations. A well crafted itinerary also ensures that the catering runs smoothly with proper coordination. Any small snafu could lead to a blunder and affect the reputation of the organization.

Variety of Options is a Plus Point

One of the reasons why Indian caterers are top choice for corporate events is the variety of food in Indian cuisine. The variety of flavors are sure to keep all attendees happy. Along with that Indian food is vegan, vegetarian and non vegetarian which ensures that it caters to the food choice of everyone. A versatile and experienced caterer will ensure that a corporate event needs to have variety in cuisine and drinks. Make sure the caterer you choose is the one you can trust with your organization’s reputation.

In the planning of a corporate event, the selection of caterers and food plays a huge role. Choosing the right caterer ensures that the corporate meeting or event is productive and entertaining. It is important that your catering company brings in best chefs, serving staff and bartenders for the event.