Scott Elliott is a creative and passionate leader silently mounting the global relevance ladder with his passionate strides.

Words of mouth describe a man, but his achievements define him. Which is more amazing? Is it great personality, attitude, creativity or intelligence? How about the combination of these traits in just a single personality? Scott Elliott, the CEO of Strong Tower and Exspeedite Trucking Software well embodies these great qualities. He currently sees to the affairs of the two companies whose progress rates baffle the mind. Such intelligence should not be found wanting from such a person as Scott with a business-oriented background.  Let’s delve into a few more details about Scott Elliott. There’s definitely some inspiration to sap from the mind of this great personality. His mind and pedigree are worth taking a peek into if you’ll agree.

Having received conventional education from a school as Norman-dale community college, Scott went on to develop himself in his area of passion. He is no doubt equipped with the right skills to lead in any chosen field. You know what they say about individuals obsessed with their passions. The sky is their limit, right? Scott's obsession seems to be software, anything tech-related and of course people. He has served indefatigably in several capacities and functions in the tech world. He started off launching his passion for the LTL industry as a field technician at People Net in 1996, a company that has turned different milestones in the world of LTL and patronized by some of the fortune 500 companies. He also garnered a wealth of experience in Terion Inc being the installation coordinator and Training and Implementation Specialist in TMW Systems. This wealth of experiences gathered in the truckload niche account software for the great feat and solid standing of his today at Exspeedite. No doubt a successful professional career is what we would attribute to Scott, excellent at managing several projects simultaneously and leading two companies at the same time at a level far from mediocre. He has managed several projects to the greatest points of yield and has been entrusted with different responsibilities at different points in time in his very much ongoing and promising career.

Professional career aside, Scott is a people person and a humanitarian at heart. In his own words “Life is like a blank board on which impressions are only made with excellent service”. What a great perspective if you ask me. He resides in Is anti, Minnesota and recognizes himself as an integral part of the city which he resides in. That prompted him to vie for the post of the mayor of Is anti. He believes it is not just enough to be successful as a person alone, but also that the springing up of other budding businesses is super essential and that was one of his major proposals. In Scott's own words

 “It is official that I will be running for mayor of Is anti. I will be running an honest race with the issues at hand. I love the city of Is anti that I am raising my family in but there is plenty of room for improvement that doesn't seem to be happening. I plan on rolling up my sleeves and start working on making Is anti an even a better place to live. I am for the growth of the small businesses, lower taxes and a safe neighborhood.”

Scott is well beyond a businessman, but also a visionary dedicated to the culture of service and the progress of the community where he lives. He has decided to use his experience as a businessman to better the lives of his very own folks. No doubt his administrative and leadership skills would reflect in his administration as a Mayor, should he be given a chance to serve. As we all know leadership is the same as responsibility and in the area of responsibility we would almost give Scott 10 on the scale of 10 if not all.

Much cannot be covered about Scott Elliott. So much characterizes the life of a man. We can absolutely say that he is an excellent personality. We will refer to him as an unusual phenomenon. The world doesn’t get to experience such prodigy and a pack of these noble traits every day. We look forward to more in his strides as a habitually excellent businessman, husband, and father.