An accident is bad but a crash involving commercial trucks is catastrophic. An 18 wheeler with huge cargo weight will be disastrous for the smaller vehicles and pedestrians. The huge size of the commercial trucks are boon as well as a bane for them. While the driver may not be extremely injured, these accidents are fatal for the accident victim.

What happens when the commercial truck sideswipes you?

The impact from the side sweep from the commercial truck forces the vehicle such as car to swerve off the road and crash in the guardrail. The car is - in majority of cases - totaled and the driver sustains fatal or extreme injuries. The consequences of the truck accidents with smaller vehicles are unimaginable. The leading reason behind the enormity of the accident is the size and weight of the commercial trucks which end up creating havoc in seconds.

What are causes of commercial truck accidents?

With its regulated trucking industry, everyday there are thousands of commercial trucks present in the NYC or driving on the highways. According to a report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were about 4,317 fatalities in 2016 in accidents involving commercial trucks.
The drivers of big rigs often drive fast to meet the deadlines. The speed and various other factors become the leading cause behind the commercial truck accidents. Other causes of truck accidents includes:

  1. Driver fatigue
  2. Distracted driving
  3. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  4. Merging and changing lanes without looking
  5. Speeding, tailgating, or aggressive driving
  6. Road rage
  7. Equipment malfunction
  8. Improper cargo balance
  9. Negligence of truck driver
  10. Driving error made by truck driver
  11. Faulty brakes
  12. Transmission failure
  13. Improperly inflated tire

Along with the negligence of the driver, poor maintenance of the vehicle is also the reason behind the accidents.

Why trucking company is held liable when the commercial truck accidents happen?

If the cause behind the commercial truck accidents is from the above mentioned list, usually the trucking company is directly held liable for it. The liability falls on the trucking company as they would be violating state and federal trucking regulations.
There are regulations to restrict the working hours of drivers, time the driver spend driving in bad weather and more. The trucking companies are also in the breach of regulations if the commercial truck drivers do not possess a commercial driver’s license or haven’t received proper truck driver training.

Failure to load the truck cargo in a balanced way is also a possible cause of the accident and can lead to the commercial truck accidents. The big commercial trucks drive on tight schedule which usually means that the driver pushes the truck speed over the limit or is negligent while. For the trucking company, time is money and faster they deliver, more money the company makes.

Trucking Software That Can Help You Out to Estimate the Loads and Safe Route:

In today era trucking software companies lunched many trucking software which are helping or indicating during the emergency. Software like: Truck load carriers, Dispatch software, Fleet Management software and trucking invoice software.

Injuries due to commercial truck accidents

  1. Back injuries
  2. Broken bones
  3. Head injuries
  4. Spinal cord damage
  5. Burns
  6. Disfigurement
  7. Scarring
  8. Amputation

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