Importance of A Certified Nursing Assistant In The Medical Field

A certified nursing assistant is one of the most important medical professionals in the healthcare industry. They usually work in various healthcare settings to assist medical staff as well as patients. As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the jobs for CNAs are predicted to grow as much as 20% by 2020, which accounts for nearly 300,000 jobs. This is due to the high demand for CNAs in the medical field to serve patients with various daily needs.

To pursue a career as a CNA, one doesn’t require a post-secondary degree. The major advantage of becoming a certified nursing assistant is financial benefits. CNAs are some of the highest paid professionals in the healthcare industry. Moreover, as you gain experience, your salary will increase as well.
Being highly-demanded medical professionals, people often overlook the importance of certified nursing assistant in the medical industry.
The following are the reasons why CNAs hold an important place in the healthcare sector.

They make a difference in others’ life - Certified nursing assistants usually work directly with patients and their families, which means they have the opportunity to make a positive difference in their lives.

Assist patients with their daily living - One of the most important duties of a certified nursing assistant is to assist patients with their daily living activities that most patients are unable to do, especially aged people. Here are some of the things that a certified nursing assistant help with.

  1. Helping patients while cleaning and bathing - There are many patients, especially aged and people with disabilities, who struggle to keep up with their daily hygiene when in the hospital or nursing home. Hence, CNAs play an integral role in helping patients bathe and maintain their hygiene.
  2. Assisting patients to eat and to take part in various activities.
  3. Taking care of patients’ grooming and personal care, such as combing hair, shaving, cutting nails, and brushing teeth.
  4. Helping them use the toilet and getting dressed.
  5. Serving meals to the patients and in some cases, CNAs also help them in eating if they aren’t able to do it on their own.
  6. CNAs also help patients turn, transfer and reposition from bed and wheelchair.

Measure vital signs - When certified nursing assistants are not busy feeding the patients, assisting them while bathing, and helping them use the toilet, they need to measure vital signs of the patients. This includes measuring blood pressure and temperature on a regular basis to help a registered nurse to keep a watch on the patient’s health. Additionally, they need to record their pulse rate, pain level, and weight regularly. However, it is mandatory to measure vital signs as per the schedule and report them to the supervisor accurately.

Listen to the patient’s health concerns - Another important role of a certified nursing assistant is to help the doctor. They are responsible to monitor their patients health and get familiar with their health concerns (if any) while recording them on paper or in an electronic system. Once the patient’s health concerns are recorded, a CNA has to report that information to the assigned doctor accurately.

Help patients emotionally - Besides taking care of the patients, a certified nursing assistant also helps patients and their families emotionally. Plus, they help patients overcome the fear of blood or needle using non-drug methods, such as heat, distraction, humor, and massage.

Take care of housekeeping - Housekeeping is one of the jobs that people often overlook, but it is important, especially in healthcare settings. Obviously, patients who are unable to take care of their personal needs won’t be able to maintain their surrounding environment as well. In such cases, certified nursing assistants are assigned to do the job for them. CNAs offering home care are required to keep the kitchen, bathroom, and living areas clean. They are also responsible for changing their linens every few days.

Look after patient issues and concerns - A certified nursing assistant has to deal with a person for a number of health problems, which usually vary from one patient to another. For instance, they need to take care of patient wounds. This includes cleaning and dressing of the wounds to ensure speedy recovery. Apart from that, CNAs will need to maintain hygienic conditions to prevent bed sores in patients, which require regular disposition of the patient.

Hopefully, now you know the importance of a certified nursing assistant in the healthcare industry. If you’re planning to pursue a career as a certified medical assistant, here are the skills you need to possess.

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Compassion - To become a certified nursing assistant, you need to be a loving and caring person. Compassion is one of the most essential skills for CNAs as they have to deal with patients on a personal level.

Excellent communication skills - Having strong communication skills both verbal and written is mandatory for certified nursing assistants. This is because they are required to communicate with their patients as well as their families, and other medical staff members. Moreover, having good communication skills means you can accurately provide the information about patient’s health to their supervisors.

Ability to abide by rules and protocols - CNAs should also have the ability to follow the protocols and rules, which are usually simple and basic. Every patient has a set plan of care that a CNA should get used to quickly to avoid any complications.

Besides this, you also need to possess skills like time management and observation skills to kick-start your certified nursing assistant career. Lastly, a certified nursing assistant career is not only demanding but also rewarding and satisfying. If you’re looking to pursue a career in the medical field, becoming a certified nursing assistant is a great option for you.