A Positron Emission Tomography- PET scan sounds scary, but don’t fret! The nuclear medicine process isn’t that dangerous.

A PET scan delivers pictures of the body’s biological functions and is suitable to detect diseases more easily and quickly than other imaging processes, for example- an MRI. Because they need an injection of a radioactive tracer, PET scans often are one of the causes of apprehension. Nevertheless, the radioactive tracer is actually compounded with sugar and a very low dose of the radioisotope. So in case, there is, in fact, radioactive materials in use, do PET scans have any side effects to worry about?

PET Scan Chandigarh


A PET scan is highly technological and to some, the process may sound a bit like science fiction or even a somewhat Frankenstein-esque. Nevertheless, a PET scan is totally safe and there are no potential side effects that follow it.

These scans work like this: the radioactive compound which is injected into the body needs time to reach the area that is to be imaged. The patients rests quietly for forty to forty-five minutes while the compound raches through the bloodstream to finally settle into the areas where pictures will be taken. As a result, signals emitted from the tracer are transformed into pictures.


Pregnant Women: Pregnant women should not have a PET scan since radiation is dangerous to developing babies.

Nursing Mothers: Nursing mothers should pump and store breast milk before the test takes place; they will not be able to resume breastfeeding for 24 hours following the test.

Allergies: People who are allergic to sugar substitutes or iodine, for example- aspartame and saccharin, should stay away from PET scans or at least inform the physician that they are allergic. The trace compound is basically made with glucose and iodine, but an alternate compound of diluted barium could replace the iodine for individuals who are allergic.

Bruising and Swelling: The injection of the trace compound will cause a slight stinging sensation that won’t last. However, it is possible that bruising and swelling may occur at the site.

Be Prepared: Again, there are not any real risks connected with PET Scans in Chandigarh. Nevertheless, as with any process patients must follow pre-orders for their test. Patients will have to fast six hours prior to the test, nevertheless, the day before the appointment the patient will be asked to stick to a low-carbohydrate, no-caffeine, and no-sugar diet.

The test could affect blood sugar levels. Diabetics should consult with their doctors concerning medications before opting for a PET scan. 

These are some of the basic facts you ought to know about PET scans. For further details, consult the experts at Tricity Healthcare.