Ramy Issac’s passion for art has helped him to gain a lot of popularity across New York. We can see that passion in all the buildings designed by him as well as his paintings and drawings. Currently, Ramy Issac is a registered architect in NYC and the president at Issac & Stern - one of the best architect firms. During his 30 years of career as an architect, Ramy Issac with his vision and creativity has taken the game of architecture and building design to the next level. He has contributed a lot in reshaping New York and other surrounding areas.

Ramy Issac's 627 Greenwich Street

Ramy Issac and his team of highly qualified architects have worked on a number of projects and designed some of the most popular buildings. Whether they design a building from scratch or just renovate it, prior permits are obtained from official authorities before starting the work. From churches to nightclubs, restaurants, penthouses, offices, and apartments, these are some of the projects Ramy has worked on under the name of Issac & Stern. Ramy is a visionary architect who smartly brought art and innovation together to design spectacular buildings in and around the city. In fact, most aspiring architects look up to Ramy Issac. In short, he is creating quite a buzz in the world of architecture and building design.

As mentioned already, Ramy and his team have designed and renovated countless building projects, in this post, we will sneak peek into another stunning project by him.

As per the YIMBY, Brack Capital Real Estate along with Issac & Stern converted a 12-story factory building at 627 Greenwich Street, in the West Village, into 12-story, 29 units condo apartment building. The building covers 117,594 square feet of residential space with 9,257 square feet of retail area on the ground floor. This building contains 29 condos and each condo will cover 3,735 square feet. Floors 2-7 have four apartments each, followed by the 8th floor having three and floors 9-11 contain two units each. On the other hand, the 12th floor has a single penthouse.

Well, there is no information available about its completion and sales dates. If you wish to possess an apartment in this striking building designed by Ramy Issac, talk to the concerned person.