tattoo-removal-new-york There are times when we regret the tattoos we have and thus, it is very natural when we want to remove it. However, the results of tattoo removal are not as impressive as we thought they are. The removal of tattoo depends on so many factors such as type of lasers, type of ink used, aftercare of tattoo and so much more. Here are reasons why your tattoo removal might not be working:- Technician’s experience

The skill of the technician’s play a big role in the removal of tattoo. A tattoo that is responding wrongly to the process of tattoo removal, it might be because of an poorly trained or inexperienced technicians. If the technician keeps on treating one skin portion too much it might lead to overheating of your skin leading to your scars and burns. A qualified tattoo removal technician in Long Island will apply the right amount of laser pulses to safely remove the tattoo.

Type of laser used

To effectively remove the tattoo, the laser needs to be powerful enough to break down the ink pigments but safe for the skin. The standards laser used are often not powerful enough to break down the ink pigments. With right laser, the ink will shatter on impact and allow the body to dispose the ink through the lymphatic system. The experienced technicians will use the right laser to target the ink rather than the skin.

Ink colours and laser wavelengths

Different colors of ink can only be removed using the different laser wavelength. The dark ink colors are easier to remove than the lighter colors. Black ink color is easiest to remove and requires a 1064nm laser. The light colors such as green or blue are extremely difficult to remove and requires a 694nm laser.

Tattoo location

The location of the tattoo plays a large role in tattoo removal process. Neck, face and back has large lymph node system that helps to flush the ink away. Tattoo removal is also a great success at legs and arms.

Tattoo’s age

Old tattoos are easy to remove. The tattoos get older with time and ink pigments gets easily to flushed through the lymphatic system. Want to know more about the tattoo removal in Long Island? Contact Dr. Ariel Ostad. He is one of the leading cosmetic surgeons with vast experience in the tattoo removal process.