According to research, in 2013 people spent about $506 million on various non-invasive skin tightening treatments. The same research showed Ultherapy to be the leading treatment in terms of popularity around the globe. Aging is a natural process; as you grow old your skin can be susceptible to fine lines and wrinkles. You might be fine with aging, but you don’t have to be fine with the wrinkles. This is one of the biggest reasons why individuals opt for Ultherapy treatment in NYC, the leading skin tightening procedure.

People want to tighten their skin with this amazing procedure because it is safe and non-invasive. Using ultrasound technology, the procedure increases the natural growth of collagen in the face and neck. It is one of the best alternatives to invasive skin procedures and cosmetic surgeries.

Ultherapy is a non-invasive procedure

As one of the leading skin tightening procedures, this advanced treatment rejuvenates the skin of the face, neck and other areas without the need for surgery. The procedure focuses on firming the skin by increasing the natural production of collagen.

Customized treatment

The non-invasive skin treatment is customizable according to the needs of the patient. The expert cosmetic surgeon performing the procedure will adjust the setting according to the patient’s chart. The depth as well as the length of the treatment can be adjusted.

No downtime required

Unlike other invasive treatments, there is no downtime required after the procedure. Sometimes people can experience a bit of redness or swelling, but this goes away shortly after the procedure.

Natural-looking enhancement

The treatment gradually tightens the facial skin through collagen stimulation. Ultherapy gives patients anti-aging results without any significant risks.

Long lasting results

The results of Ultherapy take about two to three months to show, and remain for more than a year. With time, patients continue to see improvement in their skin in the months following the Ultherapy treatment.

Want to learn more about Ultherapy in NY? Contact Dr. Jennifer Levine, a leading cosmetic surgeon with extensive experience. Dr Levine’s primary goal is to make her patients feel confident about their appearance and themselves.